Island Sweet Stuff | Wedding Cakes & Bakery, St. Thomas US Virgin Islands

"Cake On The Brain"

Island Sweet Stuff is the brainchild of a completely cake obsessed staff! It all started out with a cake here a cupcake there and before you knew it, we had exploded on to the Virgin Islands cake scene with a sweet obsession for all things in cake art. Our team of professional artists & pastry chefs, budding bakers and plain old fun people put their brainpower and cake know how together on a daily basis to come up with the tastiest and most beautiful cakes imaginable!

We know, you might say, "How the heck can we get a quality, beautiful cake to wow our guests and make them completely jealous of our fabulous shindig here in the middle of the Caribbean?!" Your search has ended at Island Sweet Stuff, St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands.

"The Sweet Staff"

Our resume of cake art has been featured in many national publications and T.V. Yeah, we’ve won Gold Medals in several competitions too. Also, we have experience working for such places as the Ritz Carlton Hotel, Marriott Hotel, Biltmore Estate-North Carolina, and many places in between. But nothing would replace creating the best cakes imaginable here at Island Sweet Stuff!

"Honing Our Cake Craft"

Always searching for cake inspiration, we look to our friends to sample as much cake as humanly possible. And then... magic... someone utters the words, "I would buy this." Done, the new flavor is created!

We hone our craft by combined the expertise of old and new technologies, contributing to the development of entirely new methods, improved traditional processes, producing the most awesomest cakes ever. Oh yes, it’s all about the Sweet Stuff!

Anyway, that’s our Sweet Story... from the Island Sweet Stuff Team!


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